What is the blue-throated macaw?

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Photo by Dellboyy Art on flickr.

A macaw is a type of parrot native to the New World. This particular species, only found in Bolivia, is critically endangered. They were thought to be extinct until their rediscovery in 1992. An estimated 250 individuals are thought to still exist in the wild.

The magnificent plumage of the blue-throated macaw makes it one of the most handsome parrots in the world. Its upper parts and long tail are turquoise, while its chest, belly, and under parts are yellow. Its name-sake blue throat patch is flanked by swooping gold stripes down the sides.

It is native only to a small, endangered region in Bolivia known as the Beni Savanna. …

Behold, the capybara.

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The pride of South America. These guys may look like a strange combination of a horse and a guinea pig, but in reality they are the world’s largest rodent.

These aren’t the kind of rodents you’d want to call an exterminator for though. Capybaras are the gentle giants of the rodent world and have even been semi-domesticated in certain areas, according to Animals.net (https://animals.net/capybara/).

Their resemblance to guinea pigs is no coincidence either. They are closely related to the humble guinea pig and others in the cavy family.


Don’t let the fact that this rodent is the size of a small dog scare you away. Coming in at two feet tall and up to 170 pounds, capybaras are surprisingly docile, according to the Rainforest Alliance (https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/species/capybara). …


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